Automatic Fire Detection

Automatic Fire Detection encompassed a variety of products and services

  • Systems Designed To Current Standards
  • Installation and Regulations
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Automatic Fire Alarm Panels
  • Automatic Smoke and Heat Detectors
  • Signalling and Audio/Visual Indicators

Fire Alarm Panels

  • Conventional Multi Zone Panels
  • Intelligent Analogue Addressable Panels
  • Integrated Fire and Intruder Alarm Panels
  • Wireless Panels
  • Remote/Repeater Panels

Alarm Indicators

  • Audio Visual Sirens and Flashing Beacons to Suit Building Use
  • Vibration Indicators for the Hard Of Hearing
  • Fire Service Call Out
  • Key Holder Call Out
Remote signalling to a central station via:
  • Land Line
  • Radio
  • GSM

Smoke Detectors

  • Photo Electric
  • Combined Fixed and Rate Of Rise Heat Detector
  • Point To Point Beams
  • Air Sampling -Aspirated Systems
  • Ex Rated and Intrinsically Safe Detectors