Megapixel IP Cameras & Networks

Precision Security specialises in the creation, deployment and installation of megapixel IP cameras and networks throughout Ireland. A megapixel IP network has the following components; megapixel IP cameras, routers, managed switches, servers and video management software. 

Megapixel IP Cameras

The image quality of megapixel IP cameras are of superior quality to those produced its predecessor, the analogue cameras. The images from these cameras, depending on the network set up and client network policy, have the capability to be viewed remotely by using its IP address.


Advantages of Megapixel IP Networks

A megapixel IP network, fixed line or Wi-Fi, has the ability to be viewed through either port forwarding or VPN anywhere with an appropriate internet connection. The scalability of networks allows for additional expansion, allows for data encryption and integration of other system such a building management, Intruder Alarm and Access Control that would be controlled by the video management software (VMS). 


Milestone XProtect Partner

As an accredited Milestone XProtect Partner, Precision Security is using one of the best in class Video Management Software in addition to best in class IP Megapixel cameras and recording servers. XProtect products are compatible with more IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders than any other VMS manufacturer, giving the client the freedom to mix and match hardware to fit their needs and budget.



American Dynamics

As an accredited American Dynamics partner, American Dynamics offers the most comprehensive range of video management solutions on the market. From the VideoEdge IP Network Video Recorders, to the game-changing victor unified video management solution,
managing video and CCTV systems has never been more intuitive.


AXIS Partner

Precision Security is an authorised AXIS Communication Partner and together we provide customer solutions for industry segments such as retail, transportation, government, city surveillance, healthcare, education, manufacturing and banking. Click here for our partner certificate.