Intruder Alarm Security

Intruder alarms from small to large commercial premises are available in tailored packages to suit your security needs.

  • Intruder Alarm Panels - Hard Wired and Wireless
  • Motion Detection Devices
  • Alarm Signalling
  • Perimeter Protection Security


Intruder Alarm Panels

The alarm panels, both hard wires and wireless, provide:

  • Up To 512 Zones
  • Wireless Panels and Detectors
  • Hybrid - Both Hare Wired and Wireless
  • Multiple Panel Networking - Universities and Nation Wire Sites



Motion Detection 

  • Quad Passive infa red motion detectors
  • Dual techs; PIR and Microwave
  • Verified motion PIRs (2 detectors in one housing)
  • External detection PIRs & Microwaves
  • Wall & ceiling sensor


Alarm Signalling - GSM

  • Proprietary radio
  • GSM
  • Outgoing and incoming SMS alerts
  • No need for a separate PSTN Dialer
  • Plugs directly onto the controller and either primary or back up dialer - simple to install
  • Powered directly from the controller without the need for an additional PSU - saving you unnecessary cost
  • Customers can manage their systems - Unset, Part set and Full using SMS with confirmation sent back to your phone - always in control


Perimeter Defence

Many commercial companies like to have an active level of security all the way to the perimeter, we can offer this with:

  • Active infa red beams and towers
  • Magnetic contacts
  • Shock (seismic) sensors, doors walls and windows